Author: Fozzie Bear

Fozzie in Los Angeles

November 2016 Since the Californian flag shows a bear, the Golden state seems like a natural habitat to Fozzie. Home to his famous fellow species, as well as the rich and famous, the City of Angels is the perfect choice...

Fozzie in Las Vegas

November 2016 Fozzie only knew Sin City as the backdrop to many movies and was afraid he might wake up with a hangover and a tiger in his hotel room. Good news is, he didn’t get married. Neither to Elvis,...

Fozzie in Singapore 2016

October 2016 Fozzie really seems to love the Lion City. This is already his third trip in only 3 years, but still he discovers new places to which he has not been before. However, he doesn’t miss to visit the...

Fozzie in Florida 2016

September 2016 September marks Fozzie’s annual visit to the Sunshine State. While the leaves turn orange in Europe, Florida offers orange sunsets along the Gulf coast. Could there be a better place for our orange little fellow? Fozzie loves Florida.

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