Author: Fozzie Bear

Fozzie in Rome

May 2013  While Fozzie’s previous visit to The Vatican City in March was extremly short, his recent trip to Rome gave him the chance to stroll through the city. It really felt like walking through a giant open air archaeological...

Fozzie in Saint Petersburg

June 2013  With Fozzie being in Florida quite often, you might think we are talking about Saint Petersburg, FL. But no, this is the real Saint Petersburg, Russia, which he visited during the famous White Nights.  

Fozzie in Vatican City

March 2013  Just one day before Pope Francis’ papacy began, Fozzie visited the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. He was said to be among the first bears on St. Peter’s square since Pope Bendict XVI resigned.  

Fozzie in Prague

January 2014  The new year is just a couple of days old when Fozzie makes his first trip in 2014, which brings him to the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Too bad the weather wasn’t really nice. Even...