Fozzie in Brittany

January 2022 France

You all know Great Britain. But there’s also Little Britain. That’s what the French peninsula on the southeastern side of the English Channel is sometimes referred to. However, you probably know it better under the name of Brittany or Bretagne in French. Unless you are Breton, then you may call it Breizh, but who knows how to pronounce that?

Those of you who used to read “Astérix the Gaul” comic books, you may remember that village of idomitable Gaulish warriors as they resist Roman occupation in 50 BC. Well, guess what? That was supposed to be in Brittany as well.

Fozzie spends a day in Brittany near the most westernpoint of continental France, where weather conditions change several times per day. Follow him through rain and sunshine and on the traces of Astérix and his friends. Fozzie in Brittany.


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